Our Mission, Their Future

We are dedicated to serving our Veterans and bettering their lives.  We work to help bridge the civil-military divide that has been steadily growing in our country through increased communication and understanding.  Primarily, our efforts are focused on educating businesses, organizations and members of our local communities about how Veterans can improve the culture and capabilities of their businesses and organizations.  Additionally, we empower Veterans to better take control of their own success through mentoring, training, and certification programs that increase their future employment prospects and marketability. 

The vast majority of our nation support the men and women that have served in uniform over the years, but their is a growing lack of understanding of our Veterans and what they can contribute to society upon the completion of their military service.  Many businesses, especially small and medium sized organizations, have difficulty understanding how a Veteran's military experience can be relevant in their industry.  This is the primary challenge Voice for Veterans strives to overcome.  We believe that if employers better understand the intangible benefits and character traits a Veteran brings to the table, it will reduce the likelihood of businesses saying "no" to some of their most promising job candidates because they "lack the desired experience." 

We also believe that Veterans need to do a better job of highlighting the skills and experience they obtained during their service.  The military emphasizes teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking, mental agility, and decentralized execution of operations to a much larger degree than most people realize.  These are precisely the kind of attributes that many businesses say they look for in ideal job candidates.  However, our Veterans are poorly prepared in how best to impart these strengths to potential employers.  We believe that educating our Veterans in how to put their best foot forward will increase the likelihood of their success in the job market.